pretty 2010 (july to december)

the second half of my year in review idea from shari. more good times in 2010.


ice cream walks


swim lessons

L8 SK8 with M

we miss you, celie

grandpa’s 90th in tahoe


more birdplace


10-year wedding anniversary


nyc with mom

favorite season




poet’s loft with E, S + T

meet-up with L


christmas card

christmas day

if you want to see more, see the first edition: january to june.

wishing everyone a happy 2011!

pretty 2010 (january to june)

stealing this year in review idea from shari. this recapping business is fun (although mine’s not half as artful as hers!).

lots of milestones this year, a little travel, a lot of birdwatching, tons of coffee + tea, and so much good food. you may have seen some of these here or on flickr before. others i’m sharing here for the first time.

here’s to a pretty dang pretty 2010!


7 + rollerskating

heaven = roller skates

baby R


mom retires (photo by guest)

sf trip with E

annual family beach trip

mom 2.0 in houston

(here with T, M, M + M; photo by meredith winn)

my “chocolate cake” in mom 2.0 art exhibit

(left photo by meredith winn)


smoothie obsession

spring blooms

pink pinkety pink pink



overnighter with S + martha’s show at rare device


all of it, right now

sf with M


vernal pools



oakland + cafe 504 with M

family trip to tahoe


sf with K + M

keep going for july through december.



play: 1

play: 3

play: 2


back from the annual family trip to the beach.

survived leo’s faceplant on the gravel driveway on the first day (forehead, nose, and upper lip), outran a super-wave…barely, watched my poor dad get knocked by another super-wave (scary! and his camera totally ruined), played the word “bairn” in scrabble (and still lost), danced to michael jackson’s this is it, got hooked on mad men, and ate more cheese than any one family should ever consume in three days.

the drive was beautiful, the waves dreamy, the family time lovely, and the overall trip nice but not so much relaxing. family vacations are incredible and good, but when the kids are still small and potty training (if that’s what you call leo’s complete frazzling of my anticipation nerves with haphazard results), there’s not a lot of sitting around reading. or sitting around. or reading. it didn’t help that ed had to head back early this year either.

luckily, i have an upcoming work trip, on which i’ll surely get more relaxation than at the beach.