23 stories


tomorrow i will start the “23 stories for a fried chicken sandwich” project.

“what’s that?” you ask.

well, it’s a bet, of sorts, with my writing partner and friend m. i really need something to kick start my writing again. competition, yes. accountability, sure. pure writing joyfulness, i wish. would any of this really be enough? maybe not.

so m and i decided we had to make the project truly more meaningful. you see, i’ll do ANYTHING for a fried chicken sandwich at bake sale betty in oakland. ANYTHING (you wouldn’t believe its goodness, seriously…).

so me and m made a bet. or a pact. or whatever you want to call it, in which the winner gets a fried chicken sandwich. because i will do anything, even vow to write 23 times in a month when i think i’m too busy writing for work to write for myself.

the 23 stories will follow here. 23 stories in march (the idea is 5 days a week). some will be non-fiction, some will be fiction, some might even be poetry, who knows? one piece might even be about the above house in my neighborhood, which i always think is winking at me.

so wish me luck. i hope you’ll visit often. or, better yet, join me. i can’t promise you a fried chicken sandwich, but if you’re competitive, i can promise you’ll write 23 things this month. you will sit down and write 23 times and wow, that is something (but still not really as good as a BSB fried chicken sandwich).