this is why photos are amazing.

it’s not just because one of my family members so aptly captured this little cutie — a darn adorable toddler ME!, if i do say so myself — but because my mom found these two photos in a stack of photos that ended up at my aunt’s after my great aunt died several years ago, and my mom had never seen these photos of me before. “it’s weird to come across photos of your child that you’ve never seen before,” she said. and so frickin’ cool, i thought, when she handed them over to me.

it’s like a little forgotten bit of my beautiful life — remembered!

cloudy skies


here’s a shot from the cloud-covered bathroom at the house where we stayed at dillon beach. i rather liked it in there. there was a skylight too. of course, there was.

it’s cloudy skies around here today too. but more the expansive gray kind that drizzles.

in case you missed it, there’s a *new* this joy+ride, issue #53, featuring gorgeous photos + words from tara o’brady of seven spoons.

dreaming of camp shutter sisters … i want to go!