(top image: before winter’s blue cold by christopher brown)

taking kids to an art museum sure isn’t the same as going it on our own. our local museum is newly remodeled and gorgeous, but with the boys in tow, it felt more like running room to pretty room. it was still nice somehow. especially when clyde kept pointing out his favorite paintings. thank god for artists who paint superheroes, sculptors who build robots with teapot heads, and stephen kaltenbach’s portrait of my father, whose brilliant light is made up of a million tiny arabesques, which even an 8-year-old can appreciate.

a few of my favorites: group of houses by elmer nelson bischoff, flowers by richard diebenkorn, still life with “”femme au coq””#2 by paul wonner, and every thiebaud in the place. ha! a landscape, a few still life paintings, and loads of desserts. am i really that predictable? apparently so. that and my favorite paintings by women and abstracts are not shown on the website.

have you seen any good art lately?