october evening

October 20, 2013

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it was pretty amazing last night at the birdplace. dusty, haunting, golden.


this breath

July 30, 2013


he fell asleep so gently right here next to me tonight. mere seconds ticked past between the deciding to lay down and the slow rise and fall of boy sleep. one hand curls tight into his bare middle, his silhouette a rolling landscape of shoulder, waist, hip, and legs in a tangle. his other hand rests limp at his side like a fallen bird, feathery soft fingers. his thoughts left hanging somewhere between swimming and reading and this living room couch.

i rest my hand on his soft, cool side and let it ride the heavy in-out, in-out. through the windows, the crisp breath of evening makes the curtains float in like ghosts. my own breathing unravels in a long sigh. in-out, in-out, this breath is a gift. the last month of summer is hours away now and soon morning will replace this night or the breath or the breathing, the hushed light of day, never promising us anything.

(written after reeling all day about this local tragedy that took place at our new-favorite camp)

young birder

May 1, 2013

IMG_2645 - Version 2

i’ve been dragging C out here to chase birds for so long, and he doesn’t even seem to mind it. on this night, it was blackbirds, cranky lady night herons, egrets, marsh wrens, grackles, and bullfrogs.

blades of glory

April 29, 2013

IMG_1847 - Version 2


April 27, 2013



April 26, 2013

IMG_2229 - Version 2

big light

April 24, 2013

IMG_3091 - Version 3