1. Bunny · November 10, 2007

    You have such a keen eye. I wouldn’t have seen it had you not pointed it out and it is a beautiful shot.

  2. carey · November 12, 2007

    ah, a shot of red amongst all that brown! that is pretty cool!

  3. Sara · November 12, 2007

    your very detail oriented, i wouldn’t have seen it either, great shot

  4. Dawnomite! · November 12, 2007

    that’s lovely. a metaphor for standing out in a sea of conformity, i suppose!

  5. Maggie · November 12, 2007

    I’m with everyone else – I totally would have missed the red leaf if it hadn’t been pointed out! What a great eye!

  6. NTE · November 12, 2007

    Perfectly titled: I doubt I would’ve even noticed it.

  7. Julie · November 13, 2007

    V. beautiful. I love it :)

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