pretty freebies


this will go down just like before. i’m going to give away a few
5×5 square prints. all you have to do is leave a comment here
by tomorrow, june 16, 2008, 9pm (PST). then i’ll number
the comments and draw the numbers at random to pick the winners.

available today (clockwise): 1) butterfly, 2) noon, 3) i believe in magic,
4) little nest, and 5) wares. you can request whichever one you like,
and i’ll do my best to get you that one—as long as the winner
picked before you doesn’t beat you to it.

now let the commenting commence!




  1. shari · June 15, 2008

    i love your photos. you totally have your own style. xo

  2. erin · June 15, 2008

    oh, you are so sweet. i’m quite fond of wares. i’d be happy to have it if i’m the lucky winner :)

  3. Marcie · June 15, 2008

    I loved the one I was lucky enough to win last time. If I had my choice – this time it would be ‘I believe in magic’
    I love your style!

  4. Kate · June 15, 2008

    Oops, I think I commented on the wrong post! I would be quite happy to win any of the prints, but I particularly like “little nest”.

  5. Selma · June 15, 2008

    You know what a fan I am of your work but please don’t pick me. I am much too far away in Australia. The postage would be astronomical. Good luck everyone!

  6. sosser · June 15, 2008

    your photos are gorgeous! i would be pleased to win any one of them. what a great giveaway :)


  7. Jessica · June 15, 2008

    Love your blog! I would be honored to win any of the photos!

  8. motherpoet · June 15, 2008

    Yay! Thanks for letting us play this fun little game. But more so, thanks for letting us view your corner of this world.

  9. Shan · June 16, 2008

    I am in the midst of obtaining a new, bigger bed to cure my insomnia (one can hope, right?), and in doing so have just purchased some new blue, green, and white striped bedding. Wouldn’t “noon” or “i believe in magic” look so lovely and peaceful framed above the bedside table? I think so. So pretty.

  10. Mandy · June 16, 2008

    Aren’t they all amazing?! What a joy to see. Butterfly is my favorite. It would be an honor to win one.

  11. writnkitten · June 16, 2008

    you’ve got such a great eye! they are all wonderful, but if i had my druthers, you know i’d be all over a hawk. :)

  12. pricklypearbloom · June 16, 2008

    These are great. I am smitten with wares and little nest. Love them.

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  14. Leslie · June 16, 2008

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your photos. I would be honored to own one. :)

  15. Lauren · June 16, 2008

    Your photos have such a quiet beauty. My favorites are butterfly, i believe in magic, and wares.

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