FREE the pretties


who: you, pretty-loving friends

what: FREE some pretties (win a FREE 5×5 square print)

available prints (left to right, top row, then bottom):

  1. train tracks
  2. red kite
  3. good morning, tea
  4. orchard
  5. lone cow

when: leave a comment by wednesday, august 20, 2008, 9pm (PST)

make a request, if you like. i’ll do my best to get you that one,
favoring winner order.

where: right here. on this post.

how: using the pick-a-number-out-of-a-hat method. the boys
will pick five winners, and i’ll announce them here, like before.

good luck. and thanks for visiting me.

p.s. have some requests for next giveaway? leave a comment.

:: the winners




  1. shari · August 15, 2008

    i adore the orchard print. :) tell me more about these square prints. i need some advice on having some of mine printed. xo

  2. shari · August 15, 2008

    i have to remember not to put smileys on your blog. i cannot stand the emoticons. so sorry about that.

  3. kristin · August 15, 2008

    ah all so pretty. i think red kite is my fave or train tracks for my little guy who adores trains. any = happiness. thanks, kristin

  4. lookpoppies · August 16, 2008

    Lovely. I love them in this order: 1. lone cow 2. train tracks 3. red kite 4. orchard 5. good morning, tea. <3

  5. Melissa · August 16, 2008

    All are very pretty. Thanks for the offer!

  6. gaisma · August 16, 2008

    the red kite the lone cow what we pick says so much about who we are.
    thank you.

  7. Julie Alvarez · August 16, 2008

    I love the orchard one, for I am in love with those kind of orchards, I kept chasing them all around Europe when I was there as a young girl.
    And then, the trails. I love trains too.

  8. Leslie · August 16, 2008

    I like red kite and lone cow the best. Thanks for doing this!

  9. Erin · August 17, 2008

    They are all so pretty! And you have a beautiful site.

  10. Betsy · August 17, 2008

    Love them all, us usual, but I particularly love Train Tracks and Orchard!

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  12. ELK · August 18, 2008

    orchard (but all are lovely!) thanks for the chance! I am nw to your blog!

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  14. rant: motherhood uncensored · August 19, 2008

    lovely image

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  16. Melissa · August 20, 2008

    I feel guilty entering again because I won one last time. But I love the orchard. And the lone cow. (And, okay, I always like them all. Picking is hard.)

  17. Shannon · August 21, 2008

    It may be weird to covet a photo of someone else’s kid, and I’m sorry about that if it is, but my fave photo of yours forever and ever is “milky.” To me it sums up everything lovey and sweet about having a baby in the house.

    You probably won’t ever give away prints of your babe, but I do love that one.

    I also love “sunflower” and “horse in red barn door” (I think that’s what it was called?).

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