1. shari · August 22, 2008

    now that is some good flare! enjoy your weekend.

  2. camerashymomma · August 23, 2008

    good grief! that’s awesome. happy flare friday!

  3. Marcie · August 23, 2008

    These are amazing!!!

  4. kristin · August 24, 2008

    no thank YOU thee are what i SO love about flare. they make magic. thank you for joining the group and i so look forward to the fridays to come.

  5. nyjlm · August 25, 2008

    I feel soft blonde hair warm cheeks sweaty necks salty boy smell.

  6. Emily/ Five Flowers · August 27, 2008

    oh, love the flare! i was just thinking about flare and my new diana (yes!!! really!) and well, you answered my prayers! love the capture!

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