1. marthasnail · April 2, 2009

    i don’t think we get the springtime pleasures of dogwood here. i hope i’m wrong. this is beautiful.

  2. Jodi · April 2, 2009

    oh, how beautiful!! A splendid picture for sure.

  3. austen · April 3, 2009

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all day. Thank you for making me smile!

  4. Georgia · April 3, 2009

    as much as i love this wonderful photo, it is the title that got me today. i agree with the comment above! it made me smile instantly.

  5. Dana Fisher · April 3, 2009

    The light coming through really makes this shot. I love the color and light in this.

  6. nyjlm · April 4, 2009

    so fracking beautiful.

  7. hrsmithjones · April 5, 2009

    oh my yes! i love dogwoods and this image is a beauty!
    i hope you’re having a nice weekend away sheri.

  8. habitual · April 7, 2009

    This is beautiful! I wish we had dogwoods around here now….

  9. one little journey · April 20, 2009

    wowww! so beautifully taken!

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