i woke up today begging for some words. some words to put down here to describe what’s inside. or outside. some transformation. some disappearance. a heartfelt realization. something.

i mean, after all, isn’t a writer always writing or getting ready to write? well, no. not really.

sometimes we’re just getting up and combing our kids’ hair and drinking decaf coffee cause we can’t handle regular anymore and eating a bowl of granola and yogurt and sitting, searching aimlessly for some moment to study and dissect. for some cloudy point of inspiration to spread out clearly before us, in words on the page.

or sometimes, there’s just nothing to say. truly. and sometimes we should listen when there’s nothing and say nothing.

but often times, we just go on and on about things anyway, regardless if those things are nothing, because we’re told to push through the nothing. but they’re still nothing. and other times, they…are…everything…

but folks, this is not one of those times when nothing turns into everything right before your eyes. no, not today. not today.

photo + words on habit today:

habit: 6


  1. Heather of the EO · August 11, 2009

    I should really just say this more often. I say nothing so often, just because I’m waiting for something good. I’m listening to your community keynote as I visit. I recommend it. I was there on that night, but I wanted to listen again and hear these voices while I visited all the blogs. So today, for me. You definitely had something to say, and maybe you do more often than you think…

  2. Tammie Thomas · August 16, 2009

    I enjoyed your nothing post. Your words simply, but profound. Thank you!

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