be brave




i want to actively participate in joy. so what if i do? what if i change something inside me? what if i do everything i can to seek and indulge in joy. what if i let the rest go? what if i do? i want to be brave. so let me. let me.




  1. Tammie Thomas · August 22, 2009

    Courage and being brave. Somedays, I see so clearly how to get ther others days I am lost in the fog! I can relate to this one so well!

  2. marthasnail · August 23, 2009

    did you pick your sentence yet? i am feeling inspired again. xo

  3. Shannon · August 24, 2009

    Wow, this really moves me. I am going to think hard on this concept this week! Thank you for putting this struggle out there. I want to join you in this leap.

  4. phoebe · August 24, 2009

    love this.

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