blue a/c


blue a/c


been thinking a lot about my mini trip to NYC. it’s amazing to be alone. to meander. walk aimlessly. the nights are best. the sound of my sandals on the pavement going nowhere really. lovely to dine with friends. eat good food (pastis, magnolia, shake shack, prune). fun, even, to cry my eyes out alone among hundreds in a small theatre.

billy elliot is still one of my favorite stories. it makes me want to be a better parent. a reminder to be open to your child’s extraordinary-ness, even if it’s not extraordinary in a way you understand or hoped.

now i’m gearing up to meet my friend shari and her sweetie tom for the very first time in real life. i’m giddy with excitement. there will be much eating. and picture taking. and shopping. and enjoying.

(more photos on flickr)

have a beautiful weekend. one without need for a/c, i hope.



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  1. TeddyStartedIt · September 19, 2009

    “Billie Elliott” way my 1st real art teacher – even though I met her AFTER receiving my BFA. I know you were referring to the book/movie (which I’ve never read/seen), but she inspired/inspires all the same things in me. She passed over 10 years ago. Thanks for reminding me to honor her memory.

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