black feather

black feather

don’t miss issue #48 of this joy+ride! photos from my inspiring birthday trip to tomales bay with ed and shari + tom.

i have to say this trip ignited something in me. something wild and untapped. now it’s like wildfire burning inside. i just wish i knew what to do with it. where can i put all this fire inside of me? really hoping the start of a new year can help me focus and find a place for it.

how do you do it? how do you focus your creativity and follow this energy into something tangible?

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  1. tara thayer · December 6, 2010

    it’s been hard, actually. i’m not sure what to do. i feel like i’ve got the spark of something. i do love food. i do love to take a photo. i do love to make a house cozy.
    but i feel like it’s all a little random, undirected.
    so i’m no help.
    but i’ll be watching to see if you come up with any answers.

    love so much the photos from the trip. thank you, both of you, for sharing them.


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