beneath trees

it’s been a particularly hard parenting day. lying in bed now. hiding. and i think i’m going to hold my laptop up over my head now and pretend i’m lying under these trees. one of my favorite things to do in this city of trees, you know. drive under them and look up. that slow, steady movement beneath their canopy. that feeling like you could just fall back into the soft, green grass and stare up at them forever.


  1. Denise | Chez Danisse · March 1, 2011

    beautiful series.

  2. kristin · March 1, 2011

    yes i love these. they sure do exude peace and calm. i hope today is a better day in the parenting dept. you are not alone. xo

  3. charlane · March 1, 2011

    hope the day gets better.

    i love looking up at the curling and bare branches. following their lines and symmetry. i do get lost in them.

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