having a bit of a tough time balancing work/family life and creative life — and well, work/family life with pretty much anything else. i know these times will come. it is that extra special part of trying to “have it all.” and man oh man do i want it all. the desire for more, always more — as in more time to fill with all the goodness and prettiness — is huge in me, and balance is simply not in my nature, but i shall keep trying. trying to find that sweet spot.

last night, in fact, trying to squeeze in a little photo-taking after a long dry spell, i rushed out of the house with my camera between must-dos and headed to my favorite birdplace, which turns out is completely flooded by all the rain we’ve had this year. no entry allowed. :( i got a few shots, like the beauty above, from the levee before i was swarmed by clouds of mosquitos. and then, while hurrying home, i got my first speeding ticket. ever.

so i guess the message is that i need to slow down. perhaps, there is no need to force it. instead, i must trust that the time will come.

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  1. sonrie · April 3, 2011

    There’s a nice glow in this picture.

  2. Beverly Reed · April 4, 2011

    Yes, please enjoy every second. It all goes so fast. Love, Mom
    PS. Love the picture.

  3. kristin · April 4, 2011

    that pink in the sky is beautiful.

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