just one

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gonna try christina’s just one paragraph challenge and try cranking out at least one a day for 30 days. you know, get some writing out. (i hope.) of course, i’m skeptical so i’m only telling you, dear blog.

i have so many stories i want to tell, but i don’t know who to trust. let’s face it. out here on the interwebs, there are many audiences you just can’t trust with a story. even a good one. especially a good one. especially a good one that’s only good in your head and could be good on paper with some time and love and revision and patience (and maybe after a standing ovation for effort). but i never even get that far. it’s so hard to put it down. to put yourself out there like that. to put your stories out there. the good ones. the ones that really mean something.

i know they say if your story/troubles/truth touch just one person, then it’s a good story. but i’m always holding out to touch 2 or 3. i want more before i’ve even had one. i want awards and accolades before i’ve even put down one word on paper.

what an a-hole.


  1. Fanny · July 21, 2013

    awards and accolades. oh how I feel you on this one.

  2. Love this! I totally agree about the feeling of wanting assurance first that it will be worth it. But here’s the thing: it will, regardless of grandeur. The act of showing up is enough. Can’t wait to see what you write for the next 30 days!

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