not writing


writing my one paragraph tonight in order to say i’m not writing. i’m not. there is simply no way. i am tired. i am empty. there is nothing to say. and i can’t string together thoughts right now. need to find me some inspiration stat. tried poetry. tried reading some of my faves. looking at photos. but nothing is pushing forth the writing. maybe if i left my house once in awhile… haha.

got any ideas, friends? i’m stuck.


  1. Denise | Chez Danisse · August 1, 2013

    Love that little bird. Committing to something else during your writing time might be worth a try. The moment I commit my writing time to another creative project, or family visit, or home project, I crave my writing and cannot wait to return to it.

  2. sheri · August 2, 2013

    thanks so much, denise. i think you might be onto something!

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