August 27, 2013

been on a golden hour owling binge, what can i say? been out there three nights in a row. the first night we saw the owl, i had my camera settings all messed up and i was too busy screaming and happy cursing to get any good photos. but at least my friends M and T and Clyde were there with me to witness the magic.

trying to learn to BE in my body whilst seeing an owl. and it seems to be getting better. here are some of the best shots from the past few nights. i might go again tonight. there is simply no such thing as too much barn owl in my life.




IMG_4605 - Version 3



elevate the everyday

August 5, 2012

It’s here! So excited to finally share this beautiful book project from Tracey Clark with you!

In her new book Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood, Tracey manages to combine her years of photography expertise with amazing and practical tips for capturing the journey of motherhood. The book is not only gorgeous, helpful, and insanely inspiring, but it’s also full of several must-read stories of motherhood — her own and those of many of the mom writers and bloggers you know and love. I am beyond honored to have my own story included in the book.

Take a look!

Beautiful, right?

And yippeee! Here’s my story:

dirty windshield

July 8, 2012

K and I had big plans to clean the windshield before heading out there last night, but the milkshake comas got in the way of the remembering. my large vanilla and her large pistachio, and no one’s synapses were connecting anymore. but the golden hour was lovely nonetheless, despite the dirty window. and maybe even because of it …

beach trip

February 25, 2012

central park

November 28, 2011

snapshots of my last day in nyc with shari. unstoppable autumnal explosion.

the adore

November 23, 2011

the most exquisite light, fresh madeleine, tea, + the best table in the house at the adore. a shari find!


November 22, 2011

really fun meetup a few weeks ago at sullivan street bakery in nyc with flickr friends: jen, tara, tara, shari + stephanie. flickr friends + bomboloni + cameras + high line = such a pleasure.