been on a golden hour owling binge, what can i say? been out there three nights in a row. the first night we saw the owl, i had my camera settings all messed up and i was too busy screaming and happy cursing to get any good photos. but at least my friends M and T and Clyde were there with me to witness the magic.

trying to learn to BE in my body whilst seeing an owl. and it seems to be getting better. here are some of the best shots from the past few nights. i might go again tonight. there is simply no such thing as too much barn owl in my life.




IMG_4605 - Version 3




  1. Poet With a Day Job · August 27, 2013

    GOLDEN HOUR! Wish we could go again with you. Barny loves.

  2. Denise | Chez Danisse · August 27, 2013


  3. steph · August 29, 2013

    last image is hauntingly gorgeous

  4. marthasnail · August 29, 2013

    wowl! :) xo

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