1. Poet With a Day Job · November 18, 2007

    Nice shutters (sounds dirty).

  2. Selma · November 19, 2007

    I believe it’s a pick up line in Hungary. “Wanna come up and see my shutters?”
    Seriously, I love this photo. It’s like an image conjured up by CS Lewis or Lewis Carroll – a maze of shutters, some of which open and lead you to other worlds.

  3. Jessica · November 19, 2007

    this is so inspiring…I must put this in the file to do some day at my potential house.

  4. camerashymomma · November 21, 2007

    funny, this reminded me of m.c escher (remember his sketches?) like steps leading up and down and sideways all at the same time, within and without dimension, defying gravity.

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