if leo had a dream

January 19, 2009


if leo had a dream

:: it would be that old celie cat would start taking naps with him
:: here’s to realizing big dreams on MLK day.



8 Responses to “if leo had a dream”

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  2. nyjlm Says:

    gorgeous. look at that sweet little head.

  3. marthasnail Says:

    yes. this is gorgeous. another one that deserves printing and hanging up in his room! xox

  4. amanda Says:

    soooooo sweet.

  5. Emily perry Says:

    Good your boy be more angelic? Savor that! And what a sweet shot with the cat and I love that blue!

  6. oh my gosh sheri, this is a gorgeous photo!

  7. shalet Says:

    Love this!

  8. Courtney Says:

    Wow. I’m filled with envy as Jack refuses to nap for over a week now. I may hang up this photo to inspire him.

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