i can feel the changes coming. not the seasons. i know there’s lots more hot to come.

but it’s the boys. they are growing and changing so fast. seems faster than ever. i see a little more of who they’re becoming. it is exhilarating. the days of merely propping them up or bouncing them, feeding them, and keeping them dry are over, and a new kind of work begins.

it’s the guiding. the being present. the modeling. the sitting still. the letting be. all those hard things. can i do this right? and well?

…when it feels i am still learning, growing, and changing at light speed myself?




  1. Elizabeth Fleming · August 5, 2009

    I love this post. The guiding, sitting still–I’m struggling with it too. With how much the girls are changing. Maybe the trick is to just keep on learning and growing along with them.

  2. Shannon · August 6, 2009

    Boy, you and me both, lady! You may recall my girls are fairly close in age to your boys…I have a 5 year old off to kindergarten in 3 weeks and a toddler about to turn 3, off (maybe? I still have 8 days to decide, gulp) to nursery school in the same. Life is changing for sure.

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