the beat


this morning, i was looking out my back windows. the morning was golden beautiful and bright. and then i looked down, and i could actually see the subtle vibration of my heart beating softly in my chest. at first i thought i might want to cut down on the decaf too. or that it meant i was probably about to die.

and then i realized something else…it means i am alive. good god, i am simply alive. and it is so nice.

other things that make me feel alive:

  • a new toothbrush
  • watching dancers
  • walking through the dark house and hearing my boys talk in their sleep
  • looking out into the black night and seeing a plane twinkling across the sky
  • having plans
  • my summer soundtrack
  • watching birds

have a happy weekend.




  1. marthasnail · August 9, 2009

    i want to hear more about the summer soundtrack, the plans, and the dancers. ;)

  2. aliciaalferman · August 10, 2009

    beautiful life.

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