camera guy


camera guy


while birding today — a day of not seeing much — we came upon this guy in a pretty red plaid shirt, wearing a camera on his back, using another in front. i thought i had come to see birds, but now i’m pretty sure i came to see him and that shirt.

sometimes you don’t see what you think you’re going to see. and thank god, because then maybe it goes further than that. like today on this second day of a new year, when i don’t feel any kind of explosion of newness or any lightning bolt epiphanies… maybe the explosion and the epiphanies just don’t look like what i think they should. and maybe i should just keep my eyes on the path.

happy new year, friends.




  1. emily g · January 3, 2010

    love this! i think you’re right. thanks, sheri.

  2. Tara Thayer · January 3, 2010

    love this photo, sheri. and i so think you are right. it would be a small world for us if we only saw what we expected to see. best wishes for this new year.

  3. marthasnail · January 3, 2010

    thanks for this sheri. i needed to hear it. hope you are feeling better.

  4. Chops · January 3, 2010

    Love this post, and I love that camera. Looks like an old-style type. Any idea what kind it was?

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