1. Tara Thayer · January 5, 2010

    today we saw dozens of mallards (and one brown female duck) floating on an icy river, fishing. i scared them away with my camera, unfortunately.

  2. charlane · January 5, 2010

    no birds today, but i heard the doves cooing to each other as i got into the shower – a soft song only for me.

  3. Emily Perry · January 5, 2010

    oh, i saw my cat sleeping with the dog on the dog bed:: i don’t think our dog is too jazzed about the idea! great shot btw!

  4. sheri · January 6, 2010

    i love so much what you all got to see.

  5. seamus · January 7, 2010

    An incredible sky with a rising sun with such bright pink colors that it looked like a sunset after a particularly long day and not a sunrise to start that particularly long day.

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