some mornings



some mornings are so heartbreaking. and you go on, push on, into afternoon’s sunny shine anyway. and then you trudge forward into the dusty lamp of evening. but still, you wish (you wish, you wish, you wish) the morning didn’t happen. but it did. and that morning, you’ll soon see, changed everything.



  1. marthasnail · January 6, 2010

    yes. unfortunately yes. i heard this great podcast a few days ago and i’m reminded of it when i read your words. a modern dancer was being interviewed and she said that one day she got in her car and heard a song and began to FEEL again and that she was so relieved even though she was so sad and crying, etc. feeling deeply means you are alive.

  2. lisa s · January 9, 2010

    oh – i don’t like those kind of mornings. the life changing kind…. btw. i LOVE that photo of the birder w/ the camera… it’s so stunning… happy weekend

  3. Tara Thayer · January 10, 2010

    this is beautiful, sheri. and even though it’s a bit abstract (not knowing what your morning was made up of) i know exactly what you mean, and it seems to fit perfectly for me.

  4. georgia · January 11, 2010

    i’ve always admired your photos. but today your writing {on this post} has struck a chord with me. quite beautiful and moving and all too familiar feeling. i know what you mean. even though i’m not sure of what you speak, i identify strongly with these words.

    as always, i love the photo. it’s been a while since i stopped by. i’m so glad i did today.

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