risky business


risky business


i’ve so been enjoying my boys lately. watching them grow and change and, in many ways, stay exactly the same as they’ve always been. clyde turned seven last week, which is unbelievable and completely joyous at the same time. leo can be moody (can’t we all?), but some days, this just makes me smile — because he is so much who he is.



  1. Amy · January 10, 2010

    the first thing josie said to me this morning was, “i miss leo.” i told her baseball was starting soon, and maybe she’d be seeing more of him then.

  2. georgia · January 11, 2010

    so so sweet. great shot, too.

    either i’ve never paid attention to it before, or your writing has become more moving since the last time i was here. either way, it’s so refreshing. so real. when i read stuff like this, i think “gosh, i wish i could write like that.”

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