blue dress

blue dress

on this day, i was wearing a blue dress.

before that and since then, the days have sort of melded together. life is just ticking past, and i’m afraid i’m not living in the moment very often. always running — in my mind or around in my life.

i need to practice slowing down. sitting still. dreaming again.  or i’m afraid i’ll wake up one morning and not recognize myself.

i miss writing here. so much.


  1. marthasnail · June 23, 2010

    hi you.
    i miss you writing here too. and i just wrote a blog post that was full of the very same sentiments. xo

  2. seamusoconner · June 24, 2010

    it’s that wonderful American spirit. Work, work, work or keep busy, keep busy, keep busy. It’s crazy.

    It wasn’t until I spent a small amount of time in Europe most specifically Italy that I realized what it meant to live and at the same time my senses became truly heightened to the point that I felt a sense overload.

    I have always thought that everything tasted better and smelled better in Italy., but maybe just maybe I was present enough tp taste, feel, smell and hear.

  3. Melisa · June 24, 2010

    awww, love the photo! but i want to see the blue dress. :)

    sorry to hear things are so crazed — hope you find some nice, slow-time this summer. xo

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