no one is tired

gulls out at the birdplace. funny, there are rarely gulls out there. but then again, just when i think i know something about that place, i get a big surprise. once there were cows out there. just grazing. and smelling like cows. another time a stray trio of eccentric chickens, probably abandoned, emerged from the grass.

here at home tonight, no one is tired. or at least willing to give into sleep. the four of us celebrated clyde’s 8th birthday at our favorite mexican place, probably the one place that pleases the four of us equally. they presented clyde with flan all lit up by a crackling sparkler and sang happy birthday in espanol. more celebrating with family and friends over the weekend.

still struggling a little with how and what to blog. i struggled for at least five minutes about whether or not to even tell you that.

a few sure things:

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