flu fog has lifted. finally. and i am now forced to face the part of myself that scares me most. the part that is perfectly content watching day after day of good and bad tv. two full days of flu equated to liz lemon, kardashians + jersey shorians + housewives, carrie-miranda-charlotte-samantha, a celebrity rehab reunion (oh, dr. drew, i am worried about some of them…), plus joan + melissa rivers, and some 20 women who kill. it also meant the kids are alright, cat on a hot tin roof, and more in treatment.

there is no way i could have held up a book or even a magazine, but somehow i managed the clicker. click click click. there was no one here to save me from myself (thank god.).

One comment

  1. marthasnail · February 1, 2011

    glad the flu is gone. love that photo so much. when i was sick, i spent hours gazing out my windows and noticing how the colors changed throughout the day. xox

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