sometimes the intensity of the love is so indescribable that i just thank god for photography. sometimes it feels like the only way to preserve the feeling for a little while. otherwise, the feelings just pass by with the days and i don’t even stop for five seconds to consider a darn one. not who i am, not where i’m going, not the intensity of the love i’m feeling — or giving.

so in love with this post by irene nam (the list itself and the idea of making a stop-doing list): my to-stop-doing list

first on my own stop-doing list:

stop … feeling like i’m not feeling anything. because, my god, it’s not true.

what’s first on your stop-doing list?

One comment

  1. georgia · February 17, 2011

    oh, gosh!
    these are precious pics.

    i loved that stop-doing list… she mentioned it in simple soulful, and then i saw it again at s.s.

    my list changes every day, i think. not sure what would be first on it today. of course, i just woke up about an hour ago, so i still have to figure that out, i guess. =)

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