we always take lakeville road on our way to the coast, and it is probably one of my favorite roads to photograph. always lovely. always boastful with the seasons. clouds of birds, scatterings of sheep and cows, waves of green hills, rusty-roofed farms, sometimes blinding yellow fields of wild flowers, always meticulous rows of grape vineyards.

on our drive to the coast on thursday night to meet my family for our annual beach trip, i was pouting. ed couldn’t leave until after work, and i knew by the time we got to lakeville road, it would be pitch black. nothing much to see, and i knew what i was missing amid that dark night.

but the moon was fuller than i expected, which lit up the road and the landscapes for quite a ways out. this might have even been more frustrating from a photographic point of view. i wanted those views now, too. i wanted to capture them as i saw them. shades of black under the full moon. but that wasn’t going to happen either in a moving vehicle, two sleepy boys in the back seat, places to go, and no talent for night shooting.

and yet, i tried anyway. heater up and window down. it definitely kept my whining at bay, and i sort of love the outcome. for whatever it’s worth, with a flash, i still captured something about that road even if you can’t see the bright colors or dark silhouettes of the hills and the cows. even if the true vision went beyond what i could actually capture. it still ended up meaning something for me. god, i love that.

what about you? have you captured anything lately that you love, purely by accident or maybe even out of frustration?


  1. tara thayer · February 22, 2011

    hi sheri.
    i love this post, and your photos. it reminds me of what rachel wrote in her blog post this morning, about not holding expectations of what the outcome of your shots will be. and then, too, of what the day, the night will bring.
    messages from both of you today that i need to process and internalize.

    so, thanks.

  2. charlane · February 23, 2011

    it is beautiful and raw what you have here – symbolic of the travels of the backroads. and yes…there are times that the light is kind to me

  3. Denise | Chez Danisse · February 23, 2011

    Your first image is pretty wonderful. My last happy mistake was in a museum with low light. I captured a Delaroche painting blurred in a way that I love.

  4. Cindy Ellen · February 25, 2011

    The roadside photos are haunting…almost expect something to ‘pop up’ in the next frame. Makes you wonder what is beyond in the darkness. Beautiful captures.

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  6. Loren · March 5, 2011

    Your photos are great, and always inspiring. You’re very good at finding something exceptional in the everyday. Keep it up.

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