i’m not sure which i like better — camellias in the trees or camellias rotting gorgeously on the ground. i can’t stop taking photos of camellias any which way. but the rot is totally blowing my mind.

i didn’t change out of my pajamas all day. well, except to take a shower and put on fresh pajamas. so good.

don’t miss the *new* this joy+ride, issue #54, featuring lovely landscape paintings + words from emily gaines demsky of shining egg and habit!


  1. Alicia A. · March 7, 2011

    So happy to see Em over there!

  2. kristin · March 8, 2011

    i am mesmerized by nature’s confetti like that.
    those are stunning.
    ps nice boots!

  3. Phoebe · March 8, 2011

    love this — thought of it this morning when, dropping Lila off at preschool, I walked through a patch of white, purple, and pink magnolia petals rotting in a square of bright green grass already populated with an easy couple dozen wild daisies. wish I had the eye/skill to capture it in pixels.

  4. sheri · March 9, 2011

    thanks, kristin & phoebe! love when you both drop by.

  5. jenn · March 12, 2011

    so beautiful!

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