FQ-5 (& flow)


don’t make fun of me, but i’m about to quote some oprah. it’s good, though, i swear.

just read this snippet from the new show master class that’s on her new network, and it features people who are shining stars in their field and paving the way. in oprah’s own episode, she talks about “flow.” here’s what she said:

The flow is in direct proportion to the center of yourself, where God abides, where universal energy abides, where the divine within you abides. How far you are from the center, from the divine-ness of yourself, from your connection to source energy, that which created you, is how out of sync you are with your life, regardless of what you call it. When you can align with that, nobody can touch you.

wow. doesn’t that sound amazing? i’ll admit i’ve experienced “flow” before. had a tiny taste. enough of a taste to know things are not in flow creatively for me right now. but also enough to make me keep trying to find my groove and enough to make me want it all the more.

what does flow mean to you? have you felt it lately?


  1. Denise | Chez Danisse · April 25, 2011

    Inspiration, you never know where you are going to find it. Oprah’s words are pretty amazing. Flow, to me, is a space I enter where everything else just falls away and I’m completely present and available to what I’m doing. When I come out, it’s almost as if I’ve been in a trance. Good stuff. It’s usually not found on my laptop, so thank you for reminding me of this, before 8am. I can still shift this rainy day in a good way. Here’s wishing you a little bit of flow today, or very soon.

  2. marthasnail · April 25, 2011

    for me, it’s when time passes so quickly because i’m engaged and i feel good. love what denise says about the fact that it’s usually not found on the laptop.

  3. keishua · April 25, 2011

    Flow is such a wonderful thing. It’s very organic and it does feel pregnant with God. I think that when I am in the flow, I feel in tune with all of my life and sense of ease and peace invades me. Yep, it’s usually not on the lap top…

  4. sheri · April 26, 2011

    i love this conversation. i’ve felt flow in small doses during my creative work but also in my life — where door after door opens to make it absolutely clear you’re moving in line with some sort of universal plan. but that’s very rare. or maybe rare that i sit still enough to listen to it…

  5. kristin · April 26, 2011

    when flow strikes it is a divine feeling for sure. then the ruts strike and i feel like i can’t take another “good” photo no matter how hard i try. then the flow returns when you least expect it and you feel that wave once more…

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