ah, this is a perfect new orleans shot to end on. hot, sticky, sunny new orleans, just as summer begins to creep in here at home. with this season’s turn, i feel a change coming on.

FQ-5 (& flow)


don’t make fun of me, but i’m about to quote some oprah. it’s good, though, i swear.

just read this snippet from the new show master class that’s on her new network, and it features people who are shining stars in their field and paving the way. in oprah’s own episode, she talks about “flow.” here’s what she said:

The flow is in direct proportion to the center of yourself, where God abides, where universal energy abides, where the divine within you abides. How far you are from the center, from the divine-ness of yourself, from your connection to source energy, that which created you, is how out of sync you are with your life, regardless of what you call it. When you can align with that, nobody can touch you.

wow. doesn’t that sound amazing? i’ll admit i’ve experienced “flow” before. had a tiny taste. enough of a taste to know things are not in flow creatively for me right now. but also enough to make me keep trying to find my groove and enough to make me want it all the more.

what does flow mean to you? have you felt it lately?