road to graeagle

this is the road to graeagle, where we went last week. pretty california.

this week has felt like a a big fat series of parenting fails. my inclination during such fails, after i cry and ruthlessly blame myself, is to a) run away with my family and live off the land (but then i remember i can’t even keep a geranium alive, let alone grow food, build shelter, or live without the internet), b) run away alone (but then i remember i love them all so), or c) drink until i forget my woes (but then i remember i haven’t done that in over a decade now; it’s not an option).

sigh. so i must deal. sit with it. try to learn something. do the things in my power to find solutions. try not to be so hard on my kids. on myself. on society. on the world. and try not to worry or, you know, focus on ALL THAT IMPENDING DOOM (in my head).

so that’s what i’m working on. you?

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