life + fiber

ate quinoa for the first two meals of the day. yes, by choice. trying to eat more fiber and well, it’s kinda good. i take that back. the breakfast version (with vanilla soymilk, candied walnuts, and white peaches) was frickin’ awful. tasted like dirt — and not in a good dirt way — so i mostly just ate the peaches and nuts out of it. however, the lunch version (with black beans, a bit of chicken, cheddar, salsa and scooped up with tortilla chips) was awesome. how do you eat your quinoa?

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  1. mfabrega · July 11, 2012

    My family still talks about the night I served quinoa and not in a “can we do that again?” kind of way. I have a friend who mixes in some protein and basil, a few cherry tomatoes…so yummy.

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