new hue

is there anything better than a day when your eyes open up to something new? no, not to a destination where you’ve never been but, instead, to that inside place you’ve always known. after carrying it around all these years, you thought you had it tapped. you’ve held it up and inspected it from all sides, in the the light of every hour of every kind of day, and surely you had it all figured out: its arithmetic, its punctuation, its hues within the color wheel.

but then, just like that that … that old familiar thing gets flipped, and suddenly it’s not at all the shameful, scary thing you thought it was. in fact, it’s totally brand new.

and then holy hell, so are you.

One comment

  1. marthasnail · July 10, 2012

    i’d like to hear more. :) beautiful photo. you are rocking your new camera. xo

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