beach trip series : being there

February 20, 2008

view from breakfast (by ed)

sun + bird

boy in orange

view of town

brown pelicans

pink boots in sand (by dad)

pigtail (by dad)

beach boy

kings of the mountain (by k)

mr. bluebird


deer friends

sweetie deer

red kite

family dinner



8 Responses to “beach trip series : being there”

  1. Esti Says:

    How many great pictures!

  2. these are awesome. red kite is a fave…as is fam din and sweetie deer.

  3. Selma Says:

    The bluebird on the fence post is fab. You actually saw a deer. Wow. This is my kind of holiday!

  4. sheri Says:

    selma: we were lucky. the deer came down the hill every night. we thought it was our magical powers drawing them down and then we realized it was the food the neighbors put out every night…

  5. Tracy Says:

    I love the view of town where you can see the orange shirt!

  6. Chops Says:

    Lovely collage!

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