space heater

ways to keep warm when your heater is broken:

  • stay in bed, like forever
  • laundry! learn to finally adore that the kids’ clothes are all inside out. sticking your whole arm down each and every fresh-from-the-dryer pant leg is so warming!
  • long long showers
  • bake something delicate. watch it like a hawk. from six inches away.
  • coffee and tea
  • long car rides, heater cranked
  • pull your unsuspecting kids on your lap and hug ’em lots, even if they hate it
  • gather ’round ye old space heater
  • thank your lucky stars you live in a place where it’s only in the mid 50s, mid winter

don’t miss the crazy beautiful new this joy+ride, issue #51 with winter landscapes from martha mcquade. i’ve only watched the slideshow a bazillion times instead of a gazillion — since, you know, our heater’s broken and she’s showing off a lot of pretty snow.


  1. Gudrun und Iris · January 17, 2011

    what always worked and still works for me is just using the hairdryer – heaven when everything else in the house is cold :D

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