feeling super-duper crabby so let’s not talk about that and instead look at my cute new kitchen curtains (and another halfway decent polaroid!)! they’re tea towels from artgoodies on a clippy wire from ikea. my search for the right towels inspired me to make this fun Teal-ish Turquoise Tea Towels treasury on etsy. is it weird that putting these little groupings together is relaxing to me? i like it. can’t help it.

well, thanks for letting me pull the curtain, so to speak, over my crabbiness!

and hey, our heater is working again (thanks, dad)! yippee!

back to work tomorrow…

One comment

  1. marthasnail · January 18, 2011

    that’s a great polaroid, s! pretty curtains. so glad you have heat again.

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