pink faces

the new camellias press their pink faces against the window from outside. i guess i should feel paranoid, being watched in this way, but it only startles me for a moment when the black of night first drops down around me.

spent most of the day trying to feel grounded, trying to get to that good and right feeling (you know the one?) and i never really got there. just wanted to feel like things are on track and i’m doing what i’m supposed to do. god and just now i got a foot cramp so painful it made me holler and throw myself across the bed like a crazy person while ed tried not to laugh.

i’ll try again for something good tomorrow.


now that’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout. a pretty instant photo. this really cheered me up. i am not a total instant photo loser after all!

other things that cheer me up:

  • the purple tulips shown above. they’re still right here and lovely as ever.
  • green tea after weeks of black because i was out of green. dear god, black tea is not for me. green! i am already thinking about tomorrow’s pot.
  • this short film on the sartorialist.
  • a guy at work named his baby clementine
  • this fine yellow fellow.
  • winter coat, cold face.
  • i want to see somewhere
  • pink camellia bushes in full bloom — even on a frosty 28-degree morning.
  • the anthropologie sweater and black banana republic pants (perfectly my size!) found thrifting
  • modern family — best… show… ever…!
  • this night, this dark night, the music close inside my ears, and the years running through my mind like a freight train of heavy, sparkling moments i don’t mind carrying with me forever

pretty 2010 (july to december)

the second half of my year in review idea from shari. more good times in 2010.


ice cream walks


swim lessons

L8 SK8 with M

we miss you, celie

grandpa’s 90th in tahoe


more birdplace


10-year wedding anniversary


nyc with mom

favorite season




poet’s loft with E, S + T

meet-up with L


christmas card

christmas day

if you want to see more, see the first edition: january to june.

wishing everyone a happy 2011!