i’m not sure which i like better — camellias in the trees or camellias rotting gorgeously on the ground. i can’t stop taking photos of camellias any which way. but the rot is totally blowing my mind.

i didn’t change out of my pajamas all day. well, except to take a shower and put on fresh pajamas. so good.

don’t miss the *new* this joy+ride, issue #54, featuring lovely landscape paintings + words from emily gaines demsky of shining egg and habit!


feeling super-duper crabby so let’s not talk about that and instead look at my cute new kitchen curtains (and another halfway decent polaroid!)! they’re tea towels from artgoodies on a clippy wire from ikea. my search for the right towels inspired me to make this fun Teal-ish Turquoise Tea Towels treasury on etsy. is it weird that putting these little groupings together is relaxing to me? i like it. can’t help it.

well, thanks for letting me pull the curtain, so to speak, over my crabbiness!

and hey, our heater is working again (thanks, dad)! yippee!

back to work tomorrow…

space heater

ways to keep warm when your heater is broken:

  • stay in bed, like forever
  • laundry! learn to finally adore that the kids’ clothes are all inside out. sticking your whole arm down each and every fresh-from-the-dryer pant leg is so warming!
  • long long showers
  • bake something delicate. watch it like a hawk. from six inches away.
  • coffee and tea
  • long car rides, heater cranked
  • pull your unsuspecting kids on your lap and hug ’em lots, even if they hate it
  • gather ’round ye old space heater
  • thank your lucky stars you live in a place where it’s only in the mid 50s, mid winter

don’t miss the crazy beautiful new this joy+ride, issue #51 with winter landscapes from martha mcquade. i’ve only watched the slideshow a bazillion times instead of a gazillion — since, you know, our heater’s broken and she’s showing off a lot of pretty snow.


now that’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout. a pretty instant photo. this really cheered me up. i am not a total instant photo loser after all!

other things that cheer me up:

  • the purple tulips shown above. they’re still right here and lovely as ever.
  • green tea after weeks of black because i was out of green. dear god, black tea is not for me. green! i am already thinking about tomorrow’s pot.
  • this short film on the sartorialist.
  • a guy at work named his baby clementine
  • this fine yellow fellow.
  • winter coat, cold face.
  • i want to see somewhere
  • pink camellia bushes in full bloom — even on a frosty 28-degree morning.
  • the anthropologie sweater and black banana republic pants (perfectly my size!) found thrifting
  • modern family — best… show… ever…!
  • this night, this dark night, the music close inside my ears, and the years running through my mind like a freight train of heavy, sparkling moments i don’t mind carrying with me forever